Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required autoload.php CakePHP 3

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This error is shown because CakePHP 3 dependency files are not installed, while installing CakePHP 3.

To install CakePHP 3 successfully you need to enable following intl extension in your php.ini file.

You need enable extension by uncommenting the following line extension=php_intl.dll in the php.ini file. Once you uncomment the extension=php_intl.dll, then you must restart apache server using XAMPP control panel.
(Note: php.ini file mostly in the following directory C:\xampp\php)

Now follow the following tutorial to install CakePHP 3.

Install CakePHP 3 using Composer
It may also through following errors.

Warning: require(C:\xampp\htdocs\cquiz\vendor\autoload.php): Cakephp


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